Through the Professionals and Youth in Partnership project we have been able to develop training materials on harmful practices and deliver training sessions to youth group and professionals in The UK, Austria, Germany and Turkey.

  • Training Methodology [DOC] [PDF]

In the UK, we have delivered eight training sessions on harmful practices to youth groups, and 44 training sessions to professionals.

We were able to test and develop our methodology with youth groups to see how best to present on harmful practices.

We trained professionals on “honour” based violence, forced marriage, female genital mutilation and faith based abuse. Within our training we covered the definitions of the harmful practices, the different forms of violence that fall within them, case studies, statistics, the barriers women face when seeking protection, legislation, best practice, effective referral and referral pathways within their boroughs.

Feedback from professional training sessions:

What’s good

  • Case studies and group discussion
  • Legislation
  • Helpline numbers
  • Exploring the warning signs
  • Selection of videos and case studies
  • Do’s and don’ts of faith-based violence
  • Personal experience
  • Understanding more about mandatory reporting
  • Risk assessment
  • Impact of trauma on the brain
  • FGM referral information

What to improve

  • More time – a full day
  • Quiz/game
  • Informative video
  • More in depth with the DASH
  • More obscure scenarios
  • Slides to share with other people
  • More on legislation
  • Provide certificates for HCPC
  • More handouts
  • Low quality of video